About Dome GeoConsulting

Dome GeoConsulting Inc. is providing environmental consulting, hydrogeology, mining, petroleum exploration, and project management services since 2011.

Our values

  • Commitment to abide by strict Health, Safety and Environmental standards.
  • Compliance with all governing Laws and Regulations in every province or country where the company may provide services.
  • Excellence in fulfilling the promise – completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise and information
  • Keeping close contact with clients and establishing a well-functioning long-term relationship with them to generate repeat business and obtain a top-notch reputation.
  • Establish a comprehensive service experience for our clients, including consultation, field and laboratory work, in-house design, analysis, and follow up monitoring of geo-hazards.
  • Continuous professional development of staff.
  • Maintain competitive fair market service prices and assurance for value in service.