Our Services

Resource Exploration & Development

  • Geological mapping and prospect generation
  • Hydrodynamic studies in support of mining, oil and gas exploration/production
  • Conventional and unconventional drilling and completion expertise
  • Design, permitting and technical supervision of oil sands exploration/development programs

Water Supply

  • Groundwater supply evaluation
  • Watershed and regional water management plan development
  • Technical and economic evaluation of water management solutions
  • Water well siting
  • Water well design
  • Water well drilling, logging, completion, testing, analysis
  • Water well licensing under the Water Act


  • Soil and groundwater contamination:

    • evaluation, delineation, monitoring, remediation, and reclamation
    • Phase 1 and 2 ESA
  • Regulatory applications:

    • source and disposal well licenses
    • dewatering plans
    • environmental impact assessment – hydrogeological components
    • soil and groundwater remediation /reclamation
    • well abandonments/groundwater protection
  • Sour water well testing, production and treatment
  • Waste water disposal exploration and evaluation
  • Regulatory compliance (soil and groundwater monitoring, water usage monitoring and reporting)


  • Risk analysis of hydrogeological and structural geological components
  • Saline and sour (H2S) aquifer investigation (clastic and karst aquifers)
  • Mitigation and water treatment solutions
  • Project Management


  • Mine planning and operations support
  • Overburden dewatering
  • Aquifer depressurization
  • Groundwater monitoring for environmental and geotechnical purposes: system and network design, field execution and operation, data evaluation and reporting
  • Aggregate mining: resource characterization and permit application per code of practice

Civil Infrastructure

  • Construction dewatering: system design, permitting, installation, and performance monitoring
  • Water reservoir for frac-water storage: site suitability evaluation, hydrogeological evaluation, pond design, regulatory application
  • Winter access construction: access layout design, field layout and survey, ice bridge construction, ice road construction across muskeg (wetlands), timber harvest planning
  • Project management


  • Lectures and mentorship programs in applied hydrogeology
  • Technical presentations at conferences
  • Peer-reviewed publications in international journals

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